Designing The Future Workshop Final Presentation

On Thursday, May 21, The Map for Mobile planning team presented work-in-progress at the end of the four-day Designing The Future Workshop. This presentation highlights the plan principles derived from earlier community input, potential design solutions that reflect those principles, and polled participants on choices for future priorities. This work-in-progress and the additional input collected will serve as the foundation for Mobile’s plan which will be drafted over the coming weeks.

If you missed the workshop or Thursday’s work-in-progress presentation, you can view a full video of the event below and comment at the bottom of this page. You can also download the presentation slides

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2 Comments on “Designing The Future Workshop Final Presentation”

  1. On many of our streets there are small triangles of grass that usually surround telephone poles. They are usually not mowed or kept up. Could these areas be filled in with concrete or gravel? This would make the areas look a lot more manicured and tidy. Springhill Ave past Ann Street is a good example of what I am talking about.

  2. At the final workshop night, one table (not mine) suggested what I thought was the “most memorable” idea of the night. The speaker said something along the lines of…Mobile is a water city…so water features everywhere would be perfect! Let’s “wet it up” in Mobile! Since that night, I have held that thought driving around the city. There are so many perfect spots and so many modern, creative water features: water walls, water orbs, water and art combinations, water gardens, fountains of every description – a water feature trail starting at the river/new maritime museum? And this idea taps into our heritage; we have already begun this water feature city: Bienville Square fountain, Washington Square fountain, Memorial Park fountain, Cathedral Square water field! There are so many types of water features today. A design contest? Another table said Mobile needs something that someone just passing through will remember about her, something memorable. Another table said Mobile needs a new brand. Here it is.

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