Map for Mobile, the City’s comprehensive planlays out an exciting vision for Mobile’s long-term preservation, revitalization, and growth. The core values that guide the plan, defined through a robust public process, include a stronger, mixed-use downtown, supported by diverse and connected neighborhoods, businesses, and open spaces. Most importantly, the plan includes realizable action steps to ensure that recommendations become reality.

The Comprehensive Plan

Mobile is on the cusp of a new era – one with expanded opportunities for economic development and accelerated growth. While the City faces a bright future, it also faces a number of challenges such as limited mobility, sprawling conditions, and declining neighborhoods. Mobile’s biggest challenges are also its biggest opportunities. If Mobile can affect positive change in these areas, the quality of life for its citizens will improve and the city will thrive.

Map for Mobile is a framework plan that provides direction and guidance to improve the City and prepare it for the growth on the horizon. The plan presents goals and policies upon which future planning, regulations and decisions can be built.

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Future Land Use Plan and Major Street Plan

The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) is the primary guide to the future physical development of the City of Mobile. The map and its corresponding land use designations describe the desired types, intensity and spatial arrangement of the City’s land uses to achieve the vision described in Map for Mobile.

The Major Street Plan (MSP) represents the City’s vision for a coordinated land use and transportation strategy. The MSP recognizes key existing and future street corridors within the City’s overall transportation network, based primarily on analyses of traffic volumes and character of traffic movements that could be generated by future development of land according to the FLUP.

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Future Land Use Interactive Webmap