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Unified Development Code v3 is now available for comment

The zoning code overhaul, known as the Unified Development Code (UDC), is the result of nearly three years of effort to modernize the City’s 1960s-era land use regulations and implement the community’s vision in Map for Mobile, our comprehensive plan. Based on a large amount of community feedback on draft Version 2, the current draft UDC (now version 3) has been significantly revised. This newsletter details important information and benchmarks for upcoming opportunities to learn about and comment on the draft Unified Development Code version 3. We look forward to engaging with citizens and businesses in the City of Mobile,…
March 16, 2020
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The Annual Status Report to the Community is being provided to the Mobile City Planning Commission for review

Map for Mobile, the City’s comprehensive plan, lays out an exciting vision for Mobile’s long-term preservation, revitalization, and growth. Adopted in November 2015, the plan’s principles, goals, and policies aim to strengthen neighborhoods, improve mobility, promote economic development, protect our environment, and create a quality built environment. Less than three years since the plan was adopted, the City has been successful both in implementing dozens of specific recommendations of the plan, but more importantly, in affecting positive change in each of those areas. This report summarizes that progress. The summary will be presented to the Planning Commission at their next meeting…
January 9, 2019