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Get involved in making Toulminville a stronger neighborhood

The City of Mobile has prepared a set of resources to help community groups proactively plan for and improve their neighborhoods. Toulminville is the first community to begin creating a plan using the Neighborhood Planning Toolkit.

About the Toulminville Neighborhood Plan

A group of passionate volunteers from the Toulminville community is working with the City to create a plan to improve the area. A neighborhood plan…

  • Is a document that outlines a community’s vision, values and priorities within an area of the City (mostly related to the physical place).
  • Helps the City understand your preferences and priorities to better determine future resources and policies.
  • Represents many groups that contribute to the neighborhood.
  • Empowers you and your neighbors to pro-actively and creatively take responsibility for improving your area.
  • Can help ensure that things you treasure are maintained and direct changes you would like to see in your area.

Who is involved? 

This project is being coordinated by the City of Mobile with the support of Councilman Penn and a group of volunteers from the Toulminville community.

1.  What is a Neighborhood Plan? 

It is a document that outlines the community’s vision, values, and priorities within an area of the city. It represents all the groups that contribute to the neighborhood. A neighborhood plan must be consistent with the principles of Map for Mobile and provide a strong vision, strategies, and priorities to guide growth, investment and development tailored to the area’s need.  

2.  What is the timeline for completing the plan? 

The neighborhood planning process typically takes between 9 and 18 months. There are six steps in the process. 

3. Why does Toulminville need this plan?  

By preparing a plan Toulminville can prioritize projects or programs that would improve the community and understand how those projects can be implemented. Propose changes to City policies affecting the area such as zoning of specific properties or design guidelines. Become eligible for special city funding or other private sector or government grants. Request the appropriate priority projects are considered for funding in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan. 

4. Do I need to be a resident of Toulminville to participate?  

No, anyone who lives in or works in or cares about the future of Toulminville is welcome to get involved. Who knows the community better than people who care about it? 

5. How can the public get involved in this project? 

There will be two rounds of community input during the process. The website will share information on the upcoming public events, surveys, and other ways to get involved. 

What’s on your mind?

Send us your ideas or questions about the Toulminville Toolkit initiative. Use the form below or contact the City’s neighborhood navigator.

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