Future Land Use Plan and Major Street Plan Adopted

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As directed by the Map for Mobile, the Mobile City Planning Commission adopted the City of Mobile’s new Future Land Use Map, Future Land Use Plan, Major Street Plan, and the Zoning District Correspondence Matrix this month. These documents build upon the comprehensive planning vision and guidance established by the City’s comprehensive plan, and provide a solid foundation for the drafting of a new zoning code for the City.

view the adopted plans

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[x_button shape=”rounded” size=”large” float=”none” href=”https://mapformobile.org/2017/04/draft-future-land-use-map-flum/mobilemappingbase-wflum_may262017/” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Future Land Use Map[/x_button] [x_button shape=”rounded” size=”large” float=”none” href=”https://mapformobile.org/2017/04/draft-future-land-use-map-flum/mobilebasemap_msp-pj-scale5-17-17/” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Major Street Map[/x_button]

[x_button shape=”rounded” size=”large” float=”none” href=”https://mapformobile.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Matrix_revised.pdf” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Zoning Correspondence Matrix[/x_button]

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Map for Mobile establishes a long-term vision for the City, identifies broad goals and policies and describes the form that growth and development should take over the next decades to make the long-term vision a reality. The Map for Mobile Development Framework, consisting of two maps, includes categories for development corridors and centers broken down into four character descriptions: Urban, Traditional, Suburban, and Edge. The framework also classifies the areas that surround the corridors and centers into more traditional land use categories: Waterfront; Downtown; Traditional and Suburban Neighborhoods; Industrial; and Institutional. Wetlands and Parks/Greenspace are shown as overlays on the Development Framework.

The new Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) and Major Street Plan (MSP) strike a balance between the aspirations of Map for Mobile and the reality of market dynamics and existing development, and between the broad-brush stroke of the Development Framework maps and the detail of a zoning map.

The new FLUP promotes a modern, efficient integration of compatible land uses and strong placemaking qualities (as envisioned by Map for Mobile).  Likewise, the MSP policies are oriented toward respecting and enhancing community character and quality of life by helping to create exceptional street environments and viable, accessible transportation options.  The updated plans will guide development of the code updates, and will eventually inform the development review and approval process for the City of Mobile.