The Neighborhood Planning Toolkit

The City of Mobile has prepared a set of resources to help community groups pro-actively plan for and improve their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Planning Toolkit aims to create a consistent and equitable process for the City to better understand each neighborhoods’ unique vision, needs and priorities; and enable neighborhoods to self-organize and take an active role in their futures.

What is a neighborhood plan?

A neighborhood plan is a tool to make your neighborhood the best place it can be. It is a document that outlines a community’s vision, values and priorities within an area of the city. It represents all the groups that contribute to the neighborhood. It can help ensure that things you treasure are maintained and direct changes you would like to see in your area.

By preparing a plan, your neighborhood will:

  • Identify and prioritize projects that would improve the community and understand how those projects can be implemented.
  • Request that appropriate priority projects are considered for funding in the City’s Capital Improvements Plan
  • Propose changes to City policies affecting your area, such as zoning of specific properties, or design guidelines
  • Become eligible for special City funding or other private sector or government grants

One of the policy directives in the Map for Mobile is to conduct more focused planning and to provide citizens, groups and organizations with a variety of community planning resources. The Neighborhood Toolkit is the result of this policy directive.

Start here to improve your neighborhood

The toolkit handbooks, templates, and other resources to be released following adoption of the UDC.

Create a plan

Have your neighborhood needs and priorities recognized by the City.

Engage the Community

Build support for getting things done in your neighborhood.

Undertake a project

Implement a project or program, or address a specific issue in your neighborhood.