Comment Period for the Unified Development Code (Version 2) now closed

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The informal comment period on Version 2 of the UDC began January 23 and closed on April 8, 2019. 

Now that the informal comment period has closed, Build Mobile staff will begin reviewing comments on the draft UDC Articles and Zoning Map. After that process is complete, a public comment report and draft Version 3 of the UDC will be released. Version 3 will consist of a tracked comparison of all changes in each Article, an updated draft zoning map, and a public comment report summarizing comment received from January 23, 2019 through April 8, 2019. We will keep residents informed of the date that Version 3 will be released through this newsletter and other communication avenues, but we expect revisions to take at least two months.

Upon Version 3’s release, there will be a 30-day informal public comment period. The outcome of the review and feedback to Version 3 will result in the creation of Version 4 which will be submitted to the Mobile Planning Commission and Mobile City Council for their review and consideration, respectively. Updates will be made on the www.mapformobile.org website as the process benchmarks unfold.

As always, we thank you for your support of this important initiative. Over 800 individual comments have been made by community members! Your constructive feedback and input have been and will continue to be critical to this process.

Shayla Jones Beaco
Executive Director
Build Mobile

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